Turris OS 3.5

Another major update of operating system of router Turris - Turris OS 3.5 - was released today.

List of changes:

  • Fixes of WiFi drivers - Candela Technologies drivers for ath10k replaced by standard drivers.
  • Enabled Fast Session Transfer in hostapd.
  • Fixes of random Nuci crashes which led to Foris interface unavailability.
  • Foris again displays data sending status on Turris routers, increased tolerance for NETCONF server crashes.
  • Update of OpenSSH to latest version.
  • Fixes of opkg crashes during package installation.
  • Support for forwarding to multiple DNS servers in Knot Resolver.
  • Removed occassional boot freeze when router was low on entropy.
  • Fixes of ebtables crashes.
  • Added package fstrim.
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