Turris OS 3.4

Another major update of operating system of router Turris - Turris OS 3.4 - was released today.

List of changes:

  • Update of kernel to the latest version, added support for NEON instructions.
  • Update and fixes of WiFi drivers.
  • Added missing translations to Foris and generation of QR codes for the mobile app, added new plugin for generation of diagnostic reports.
  • New minipots for uCollect - HTTP proxy, Squid proxy and Polipo proxy; minor fixes.
  • Support for Turris Omnia in python-turris-gpio (modified version of RPi.GPIO library).
  • Basic support for printing via CUPS.
  • Fixed DNS records resolving and database handling in the Majordomo tool.
  • Updater configuration added to backups, support for configurable backups.
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