Turris OS 3.1

Another major update of operating system of router Turris - Turris OS 3.1 - was released today.

List of changes:

  • Fixed loading of the DVB modules on boot.
  • Fixed linkage of miniDLNA with libraries.
  • Added a missing cron script for logrotate.
  • Fix of ddns-scripts's LuCI compatibility.
  • Paths to the ip tool have been fixed in the mwan3 package.
  • Package multiwan has been removed completely.
  • Configuration file for Motion is not overwritten anymore by a new version of the package.
  • Hostapd was updated to the latest version.
  • Unbound's tool for DNSSEC anchor recovery has been fixed.
  • Fixed random crashes in uCollect's plugin ucollect-fwup.
  • Added missing modules for nginx.
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