Turris OS 3.0

Another major update of operating system of router Turris - Turris OS 3.0 - was released today.

List of changes:

  • Update OpenWrt to the latest stable version 15.05 Chaos Calmer.
  • Update of the upstream packages, deprecated and unmaintained packages have been removed.
  • Package multiwan is deprecated so it was replaced by mwan3 (it is necessary to configure it again).
  • Unbound - added support for fixing broken root anchor.
  • GPIO ports were renumbered (their numbers in sysfs are higher by 256).
  • Driver for IT913x DVB tuners replaced by kmod-usb-af9035.
  • Enabled several hardening options for better security.
  • Full version of the ip command is installed by default.
  • Added support for IPv6 in nuci-tls - interface for remote monitoring and control.
  • Updater now downloads lists of packages for opkg.
  • Installed package metadata now contain hash of all installed files.
  • Sleep command can take fractions of seconds as an argument.
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